Chow Mane has described himself as "the musical equivalent of Jackie Chan." Presumably, this means that he does his own stunts, is adept at mastering new styles, and radiates positivity. His versatility in producing and rapping stems from constant experimentation, as he actively engineers sounds based on his own experiences -- infusing hip-hop with Peking Opera sounds in "Chinatown," mixing trap with after school anime in "Pokemon GO!," and blending his own identity as an Asian American artist with a stream-of-consciousness delivery in every song.

At 14 Chow began producing and rapping as "Tinyeyes" in the comedy duo "RORRIPOP," poking fun at commonly held Asian Stereotypes. Since then, his sound has evolved to incorporate elements of Frank Zappa, Keak da Sneak, & MC Jin. Now based in San Jose, California, Chow is constantly refining his sound and getting ready to launch his next project.  

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