Nimbus EP


Nimbus EP


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For the majority of my life I've let other people's perceptions determine my reality.
And as my reality expanded before my eyes I realized that lies and games were not taboo and not to be shamed.  I also learned that I can't be blamed for who I am, and can't be loved for what I'm not.
I bet a bunch of the same people that discounted me, changed that opinion when my tape dropped and what not. And if it isn't this achievement, it'll be one of the many that follow suit. 
People assumed that I was white washed and off brand black but I assumed the opposite.
I know that the root of everything around us is chaos, a fight, an eternal beautiful struggle that brings meaning to the emptiness which we come from and that taught me about myself.
I believed that my roots had dug so deep that they helped me tap into a more pure image and notice how I didn't say pure, I said more pure.
No one is uncorrupted, and nothing is flawless in my reality and that's okay. I think it's kinda beautiful. Even more so it means that all my failures weren't nearly failures at all because each one was a vital step towards a pivotal point in time. A time when my opportunity and preparedness intersected, and I knew I would be great, not because anyone said so, but because everyone didn't. This isn't to say that I know that path laid out for me, I would just like to think I've taken one of many steps in the right direction, and this is just that first step. 
Thank you everyone, 
Dillon Daniel